Sports Radar Speed Gun

We at Sports Radar Ltd. offer a small range of Radar Speed Guns for use in Sport and in particular Sports Coaching.
We have three models of Sports Radar Speed Gun, the SRA3000, SR3600 and SR3800.

Also Community Speedwatch

Our Sports Radar Speed Guns, particularly the budget SRA3000, are simple and economic to use, ideally suited to Community Speedwatch initiatives where cost is of particular concern. We have adapted the standard SRA3000 to have a higher refresh rate more suited to the monitoring and measurement of vehicular speed.

SR3600 Radar Speed GunSR3600 Sports Radar Gun from Sports Radar Ltd.

Designed and manufactured to measure the speed of any moving object associated with sporting activities, the sports radar gun (SR3600), is a precision instrument. It is designed to be used to measure speeds produced by objects such as hockey balls, footballs, tennis balls, cricket balls, cycles, track athletes, golf swing speeds, car and motorbike racing speeds and much more. The only restriction is that the gun most be pointed at, or following, the action to be measured (or within around 10 degrees either side). Ideal for the coach, player or athlete to help as part of a structured programme by measuring and recording speed levels. Progress can now be monitored objectively rather than simply subjectively.

Simply point the gun at the object whose speed is to be measured and pull the trigger to display the target speed.

The hands free mode allows use of the equipment by a single person.

SR3800 Radar Speed Gun

Similar in most respects to the SR3600, but offering a longer range.

SRA3000 Radar Speed GunSRA3000 Sports Radar Gun

This is our simplest model Sports Radar Gun but which still gives top performance levels. Our SRA3000 can be used to measure the speed of most moving objects including (but not restricted to) cricket balls, hockey balls, footballs, athletes, cyclists, golf swings, motor cars / cycles and more. The only restriction is that the gun most be pointed at, or following, the action to be measured (or within around 10 degrees either side). It is designed to be easy to use and is also light weight for hand holding, though it can also be tripod mounted. To use it, simply switch it on, point it at the action and squeeze the trigger switch. It also has a continuous mode facility, a quick read facility (which helps with bat or club swing speeds). It can measure and display in either mph or kph, it has a long battery life and also has a feature allowing the recall of average speeds. The SRA3000 is a cheap but highly effective entry model for those new to Sports Radar speed measurement.

Sports Radar Kit - Gun and Display

The heart of our kit is the SR3600 sports radar gun ,
Our LED Displays (4", principally for indoor use and viewing from up to 200' and 8", viewable from up to 350') are connected to the gun's data port. The same data port can also be used to connect the gun to a laptop for recording of statistics.

Our kit comprises the 3600 Sports Radar Gun, together with an LED display, either 4" or 8" character size, and connecting cables, all contained in a hard case for maximum protection and durability.

Tripods are an optional extra to facilitate hands free operation.

Sports Radar LED Display


We can also provide larger 12" and 18" displays.

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Service, Maintenance Calibration and Repair

We provide a service,  maintenance, repair and calibration service for hand-held radar guns from Sports Radar but also from other manufacturers including Decatur. We also sell tuning forks to enable you to conduct basic checks on your own gun(s).

Mercedes Advertisement - "The Catch"

Did you see the Mercedes Advertisement showing professional golfer hitting a golf ball into a Mercedes car being driven by David Coulthard. See Case Studies for more information.

Uefa Champions League Festival

Did you see us at Uefa Champions League Festival in Hyde Park from 21st to 28th May 2011 ? We were providing the sports radar for Ford's stand which. featured a penalty kicking game. See Case Studies for more information.

See our kit on YouTube


Features of the SR3600
Sports Radar Speed Gun:

  • Speed range: 10 to 250 mph
  • Lightweight robust design
  • Point and Shoot
  • Operating distance range: Typically 60' on balls (SR3800 up to 130') and 1000' on cars
  • Accuracy + or - 1 mph
  • Displays in mph or kph
  • Trigger or continuous modes
  • Data port
  • External power connectivity
  • Audio Indicator
  • Battery operation - standard 9V
  • Battery life - 20 Hour
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs / 0.7 Kg

Download SRA3000 Leaflet here

Download SR3600 Leaflet here

SR3600 Kits:

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Community Speedwatch

Our basic model Sports Radar Gun, the SRA3000 (with a minor modification to increase refresh rate) is ideal for use for Community Speedwatch initiatives providing a very economical, simple to use, tool. For more information go to our associate website.

Rent - Hire - Purchase- Buy - Our Sports Radar guns can provide you with a simple, economic solution.