Using Sports Radar

How does the radar speed gun work?

Doppler radar is the principle behind the Sports Radar Gun. The gun sends out a signal that bounces off the object whose speed you are measuring and returns the signal back to the gun. A microprocessor calculates the speed of the object being measured and passes that information to its own internal display and also to the data port for external display or for capture on a connected laptop. An audible "beep" confirms that a speed has been recorded and it will remain on the display until reset or a new speed recorded.

How should the radar speed gun be operated?

The gun registers objects moving towards it or away from it. The most accurate and consistent measures are when the object is coming towards you. Also, the angle the gun is pointed at may effect the accuracy of the speed read-out with best accuracy being achieved when the object is moving on a line less than 10 degrees from the line that the radar gun is pointing. If an angle greater than 10 degrees is used then the measured speed may be less than the actual speed. The gun is unsuitable for recording speeds of objects passing across its beam - for example a passing car, cycle or athlete - speeds should be recorded of objects coming towards or away from the gun.

Where should the gun be positioned for measuring golf club speed?

Set the gun up to point at the tee. This is so that when the club comes through the swing and strikes the ball, the club head will be moving away from the gun.

Will the radar speed gun measure the speed of an oncoming cyclist?


If used in tennis, where should the gun be positioned?

The best place to position the gun is a few steps behind and a few steps to the side of the server, with the gun pointed toward that side of the court to which the player is serving.

In cricket, where should the gun be positioned to measure bowling speed?

The gun should be positioned behind or slightly to the left or right of the batsman / wicket. Point the unit at the bowler. As the ball enters the range, the gun will display the speed. You may also stand directly behind the bowler, while pointing the gun at the batsman / wicket. If you were to stand directly behind the bowler, you would most likely pick up the speed of the bowler's arm rather than the ball itself.

What are the actual dimensions of the Sports Radar Speed Gun?

Length - 10.625 in. (26.99 cm) ; Width - 2.875 in (7.30 cm) ; Height - 7.25 in. (18.42 cm)

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