Specification for Sports Radar

The Sports Radar Gun uses a low-power Doppler radar transceiver and an internal microprocessor. On depression of the trigger, it emits a signal that bounces off the object that is being measured and is reflected back to the gun. The gun measures the difference in the frequencies of the outgoing signal and the reflected signal bounced off of the object. The difference is used by the Microprocessor to calculate the speed and display in the desired format.

SRA3000 Radar Speed Gun

  • Speeds Range: 5 to 199 in mph
  • Point and Shoot
  • Operating distance range: Typically 60' on balls, 1000' on car
  • Trigger or Continuous Modes
  • Tripod Mount
  • Quick Read Mode
  • Average Speed statistic
  • Selectable Audio Indicator
  • Operates on six (6) standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • Battery life: 100 hours
  • Auto shutdown to prolong battery life
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Includes soft case and speed tuning fork
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs / 0.4Kg

SR3600 Radar Speed Gun - also part of our Sports Radar KitSports Radar Kit including SR3600 Gun and 4" LED Display

  • Speed range: 10 to 250 mph
  • Lightweight robust design
  • Point and Shoot
  • Operating distance range: Typically 60' on balls (the SR3800 up to 130'), and 1000' on cars
  • Accuracy + or - 1 mph
  • Displays in mph or kph
  • Trigger or continuous modes
  • Data port
  • External power connectivity
  • Audio Indicator
  • Battery operation - standard 9V
  • Battery life - 20 Hour
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs / 0.7kg


    Tripods for Sports Radar
  • Very simple tripods suffice and we supply at most reasonable cost -
  • Smaller tripod suitable for the 4" display
  • Larger tripod for 8" Display and / or Radar Gun


  • Our Kits include a connecting cable for the Gun to Display

Display options with the Sports Radar Kit


Three 4" tall high bright LED digits display the target speed . Best for indoor or shaded areas, visible up to 200 feet away. with a wide viewing angle for coaches, participants and spectators.


8" LED Display Option for Sports Radar Kit
Three 8" tall Ultra bright LED digits display the target speed. Suitable for both indoors or outdoors. A very wide viewing angle, and visible up to 350 feet away. The unit has 4 multi-ports which allows for up to four radar guns to be used simultaneously.

Larger Displays

We can supply 12" and 18" displays for viewing from greater distances.


WA-6VDC AC Adapter
Tripod Mount and Tripod Option

Specification for Sports Radar Equipment

Download SRA3000 Leaflet here

Download SR3600 Leaflet here


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